Support your local spearfishing shop

The other day I stopped by my local spearfishing shop to pick up the latest Deep magazine and to snap a few photos for the Spearfishing Spear post. I’ve learned a lot from this place. Today’s post is about the importance of supporting your local spearfishing shop.


My local shop is James and Joseph Spearfishing. It’s a great shop with great staff. If you are in San Diego, CA stop by and drool over the awesome gear selection.


Some of the many benefits of having a local shop.

  • When I was starting out I was in there all the time asking questions. I was able to go in there and make an informed decision about what gear to use. Fine tuning my spearfishing setup by trying gear in person saved me time and the frustration of shopping on line. I’m not against buying stuff on line but unless you know your size and fit on items like open cell suits getting the right fit will be a challenge.


  • Meeting Other Divers – It was during one of my visits to J&J that I met a member of the San Diego Freedivers. We became friends and have been on some epic spearfishing adventures. I joined the spearfishing club soon after we met.



  • The local shop is also great for getting repairs done or getting the materials to do the repairs myself. There is nothing like being able to stop by the shop for a quick dive plan saving repair or replacemen



Besides showing support by writing about my favorite spearfishing shop, I give them priority over making purchase on line. Even if sometimes I can find a better price on line, it’s worth it.

What if you don’t have a Local SPEARFISHING Dive Shop?

If only there was a way to make all the great products at JnJ available to you… Well  you are in luck! is actually the web side of the James and Joseph Spearfishing Shop. The prices on line are sometimes better. If you can show up in person go check them out on line. The last time I looked it was free shipping on orders over $100.

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