Lobster Diving 101 – Where To Find Bugs

Part 2 of the Lobster Diving 101 Series

In this post we are going to cover where to find lobsters…or at least where I look and find them.

Rocks and Ledges

Most people look for bugs in underwater rocks and ledges. When I first started out, I spent many hours looking for bugs in holes. I quickly found out there are more than bugs in these holes. Look out for eels and Sculpin.

Sea Grass

I’ve come across clusters of 1 to 3 bugs while scanning sea grass. If you need a break from reaching in holes and try looking in the grass.


I know this may sound crazy but while hunting the California halibut, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find lobsters in the open.

If you take anything from this post remember this…

Bugs hang out in clusters. If you are not seeing any, move on. If you see a few, there are more around. While bug hunting I saw a questionable bug from the surface and decided to dive on it anyway. I fixated on that bug that may have been legal size and when I grabbed it I looked over and saw a bigger one. So I let the first one go and grabbed the bigger one. Then I looked over under the ledge and I saw an even bigger one. I grabbed it too and came up with two legal bugs. If I had not seen the questionable bug I wouldn’t have dove on that spot. If you see any bugs get down there and look for its friends.

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