Best Spearfishing Gear At The Best Prices

It doesn’t get any clearer than that and it’s true.

Welcome – I’m happy to announce that has signed up as an advertiser. For those of you that are not lucky enough to have local spearfishing shop, is the web extension of my favorite local shop, James and Joseph Spearfishing.

Great Selection And Prices – Before I buy anything on line I check SpearDeals because they always seem to have the best price. SpearDeals was on my ’10 Spearfishing Websites On My Favorites List’ even before they became an advertiser because it is a solid site that I have no problem recommending.

Thank You For Your Support – If you are in the market for spearfishing gear please help support SpearoBlog by shopping at Also go like SpearDeals on Facebook to get coupon codes for an even better price.

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