We Are Confirmed and Ready to Kill Carp

I’m pumped to announce I’ll be participating in the Rocky Mountain Spearfishing Association‘s USA Fresh Water Nationals at Lake mead. This will be my first competition as a Team San Diego Freedivers member. We are sending two, two man teams. There are 27 teams signed up for the event so this is going to be epic.

Team Ramrod – My teammate Mario and I are team Ramrod! Wish us luck.



Prep Work– I’ve been reading up on these carp and watching a bunch of YouTube videos to come up with a strategy. This is no substitute for in water experience but it helps. I’m taking a few guns to be ready for good or bad visibility.

Video Setup – Still working out the bugs in my video setup. I have an idea for rigging up the camera on my float line so it follows me around. If I can’t figure it out by then I’ll probably use the head mount or mount the GoPro on the gun. I want to put together a video with a bunch just carp kill shots.


Any Advice? – If you’re an experienced Carp angler or Spearo that would like to give us some pointers please reply below. Thanks!

UPDATE: Results of U.S. Freshwater Nationals 2013

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