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  1. TS 054: Angie Anderson’s Spearfishing Journey - Listen to this episode NOW (00:56:25) Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Become A Listener Supporter Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Radio Join SpearoNation FB Group Angie Anderson’s Spearfishing Journey Our guest today starting spearfishing at 7 years old. She […]
  2. Spearfishing San Diego Offshore 2015 Paddy Season - I took some footage from multiple trips Spearfishing San Diego offshore and put together this video. The video is mostly shot offshore in US and Mexican waters. This is how I try to spend some of my Saturdays in the summer. Big thank you to Matt Swartout, also in this video for taking me out […]
  3. Ferrari F430 Spider – 5 Laps of Awesome - On Land Fun Here is something a little different. My wife got me this Super Car experience for Christmas. The Ferrari F430 Spider was
  4. Spearfishing San Clemente Island Day 2 Continued - As I was saying in the previous post, Polspear Spearfishing Goal Accomplished, I had seen a toad Calico and just could not close distance. I took a brief video of it right before I tried to close distance and as it swam away. After I shot his smaller friend with a polespear I decided to […]
  5. Polespear Spearfishing Goal Accomplished - More Polespear Spearfishing Enjoy the video and read the backstory below Spearfishing San Clemente Island Day 1 I was lucky enough to go on an overnight trip to San Clemente Island with experienced San Diego Freedivers Volker and Joe. We headed out of Dana Point and got to the island with enough time to get a […]
  6. San Diego Freedivers present Terry Maas - San Diego Freedivers Monthly Club Meeting Last month Terry Maas spoke at our club meeting. It was a real treat to meet Terry. He shared some great fishing stories and advice for handling big fish.
  7. Polespear Band MacGyver Fix - SPEARFISHING SESSION REPORT My heart sank when I saw the band on my polespear. It was cracked and broken almost all the way through. I didn’t do a gear check before I left the house. I had to MacGyver it…
  8. Polespear Shore Dive with New Friends - Polespear Shore Dive Session Last week I went on a fun shore dive with two new San Diego Freedivers members Greg and Scott. We went over some basic signals and got in the water. We took out the polespears because it is the best way to
  9. Paddy Hopping with San Diego Freedivers - The Fish Are Here Once again, we were out searching the Pacific Ocean for Dorado and Yellowtail. The fishing has been good lately so it was busy out there. Usually we can go for miles and not see any boats. We bumped into other San Diego Freedivers members and I took the opportunity to jump […]
  10. Spearfishing Dorado Off San Diego - Dorado – Mahi Mahi – Dolphin We got reports from a fellow San Diego Freediver. Austin was out on Saturday and shot a giant Dorado. I got the call Saturday for a Sunday trip and I was in. Matt and I were on the “Little Whaler” and out of San Diego Bay by [5:30]am. We […]
  11. Early Season Paddy Hopping for Yellowtail - Off Shore Dive Report We left the boat launch by [5:15]am Saturday morning. Once again, on a mission to put fish on the boat. It was difficult for us to spot paddies since the wind was up. We did manage to spot 3 paddies the whole day. The two paddies I jumped in on did […]
  12. I See Goats - Kelp Dive Report I went out with a friend a few weekends ago and came across a whole herd of goats. I was looking for a White Seabass to break in my new spear. New Spear with Slip Tip I bought this spear with a slip tip at the end of Summer last year. I […]
  13. Spearfishing Video Montage 2012 - Spearfishing Video Montage I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. We are enjoying our time off and I had some time to put together this video montage of some of my favorite dives of 2012. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you To all my friends and family for […]
  14. Spearfishing Playa del Carmen with SpearfishingToday - True Spearo Cancun Vacation Spearfishing Last month my wife and I took a much needed week long vacation to Cancun. I did my research and found Leo at SpearfishingToday. We made the arrangements
  15. Spearfishing Yellowtail and Dorado - Epic Spearfishing Day Paddy Hopping After an exciting Blue Water Meet put on by the San Diego Freedivers, I was fortunate to hear a fellow diver had a spot on a boat he was not able to take advantage of. I jumped at the opportunity and I’m glad I did because the adventure was beyond […]
  16. Back to Basics – Spearfishing with a Polespear - Polespear Spearfishing WANT TO BE A BETTER SPEARO? Put down the speargun and pickup a polespear. Some of the old timers will tell you to use a polespear when you first get started in spearfishing. This is great advice not only for
  17. Spearfishing with Richard 6-23-12 - A morning spearfishing with my nephew QUALITY TIME – My nephew Richard is a great outgoing kid. He and his parents came to spend the weekend with us and I had the pleasure introducing him to spearfishing. POOL LESSON – Richard is was already
  18. Spearfishing Session 5-7-12 - After Work Spearfishing Session I had the opportunity to go spearfishing today and took my GoPro. Check out the video…
  19. Blue Water Hunting in Oahu with Daryl Wong - Bluewater Spearfishing Oahu OAHU VACATION – We had this vacation planned for quite a while and even then it was able to sneak up on me. I didn’t make all the calls or connections to go spearfishing while I was in Oahu but decided to bring all my spearfishing gear just in case. I borrowed […]
  20. Speargun Rebuild - Repairing A Used Speargun ANOTHER SPEARGUN? – Yes, my other gun is an Aimrite 120 and that is just too long for halibut and hole hunting. I had a 32″ A.B Biller that was in my Jeep when it was stolen and that was my go to gun for holes and halis. My goals: I […]
  21. Bubble Rings in Bora Bora - Make Air Rings Underwater HOW I LEARNED TO BLOW AIR RINGS – During our honeymoon in Bora Bora we booked the full day package with Bora Bora Lagoonarium. Brothers Joseph and Bob took us snorkeling all over Bora Bora and then to their family’s motu (island).
  22. How to Tie Your Own Speargun Bands - How to make your own Speargun Bands SPEARGUN BAND INSTRUCTION VIDEO – Watch this video to see how to make a speargun band…
  23. Amazing Octopus Color and Texture Transformations - My favorite sea creature LUCKY ENCOUTER – During our honeymoon in Bora Bora my wife and I were on one of many snorkeling/freediving sessions. Near the end of the session out of the corner of my eye I spot this beauty coasting in about 4 feet of water. I followed it and it noticed me right away and took […]
  24. Stoned A Spotfin Croaker - Spearfishing Stone Shot STAY POSITIVE – Today the viz was not so good so I tried to make the best of it and use it to my advantage. I figured if I’m extra quiet and strain to see as far as possible I might see something nice. Sure enough, I spot a nice size shadow […]
  25. First Time Spearfishing - Spearfishing in Maui AWESOME EXPERIENCE – For day four of our Maui vacation we booked a spearfishing tour with Spearfish Maui. The 2 hour morning class with Jeremy covered freediving, spearguns, safety, target species identification and technique. After the morning class it was time to hit the water.
  26. Snorkeling Black Rock in Maui - Freediving in Maui In May 2011 Lan and I took a 5 day vacation to Maui. Planning for this vacation is what led me to discover freediving and eventually spearfishing.
  27. Snorkeling La Jolla Shores - How I became a Spearo Part 3 SNORKELING IN THE OCEAN –  After building up some confidence in the pool we went out to
  28. Defog Your Dive Mask - How to Defog Your Dive Mask DYI Video How to prep a diving mask so it doesn’t fog. This is how I prepped my new Aqua Lung Micro Dive Mask When masks are manufactured the lenses become coated with a residue that causes fogging. Check out the video to learn how to fix this. Next […]