Fresh water spearfishing for a good cause.

All proceeds from the raffle went to the Burton family. Joe did a great job planning and running the event. Thanks Joe!

Team SDF

Last weekend I participated in the memorial meet with some fellow SDF spearos.

This was a team event. Two people per team. Alan and me represented Team SDF. We came in second place out of 24 teams. Not too shabby. Here is a photo of me holding up my biggest carp (right) and Alan’s (left)



One of the carp I shot was a monster. It weighed in at 25.1 pounds. It broke the Nevada state record until Grant and Robert weighed their biggest fish. The record was broken 3 times that day. I thought I had it for a minute.


Results from the Michael Burton Memorial Meet:

1) In The Face- Giovanni Cappelli and Robert Fields
2) Team SDF- Roman Castro and Alan Santos
3) Spear Bros.- Grant Riley and Andrew Black
4) Joe and Clinton- Joe Scheurn and Clinton Moran
5) Local Yokels- Jacob Fisher and Ryan Law
6) The Long Shafts- Rob Blacknall and Damon Ritchhart
7) Team Nasty- Ryan Olsen and Brandon Buckner
8) Freshwater Fish Slayers- Ryan Peterson and Spencer Mortenson
9) Oops I Carped My Pants- Walker Scherun and Garrett Riffe
10) (Tied) Carp Mercs- Zach Corral and Aaron Jeter. Desert Freedivers- James Tennant and Nick Pergola
11) DB Hunting Club- Daniel Willan and Jon Anderson
12) Carp Slayers- Tony Elia and Greg Peterson
13) Masterpiece- Alex Guintchev and Marko Dimov
14) (Tied) Karma Trees- Blake Shiling and Jake Porter. Tenacious Spearos- Anthony Beighley and Ricardo Elizalde
15) Carp Stains- Andrew Mack and Robert Phillips
16) Frog Squad- Jon Quinn and Bob McBride
17) CARP-it-Munchers- Tim Browne and Brandon Browne
18) 9th Island Spearos- Brandon Ganotice and Mitchell Hall
19) Carp-a-Diem- Carl Roth and Garrett Glissmeyer

Biggest Carp
1) Robert Fields- 27lbs (State Record)
2) Grant Riley-26.2lbs (State Record)
3) Roman Castro-25.1 (State Record)
4) Andrew Mack- 23.1
5) James Tennant- 21.4
6) Greg Peterson- 19
7) Ryan Peterson- 17.5
8) Nick Pergola- 17
9) Aaron Jeter- 15
Heaviest Striper
1) Giovanni Cappelli- 17.5

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