Spearfishing Stone Shot

STAY POSITIVE – Today the viz was not so good so I tried to make the best of it and use it to my advantage. I figured if I’m extra quiet and strain to see as far as possible I might see something nice. Sure enough, I spot a nice size shadow swimming along the bottom. I lose sight of it as it swims behind a rock. I expected it to come out the other side but it didn’t.

THE SHOT – I came up, took a breath, with the A.B. Biller Sea Hornet in one hand and the Flip Cam in the other I hit record and down I went. As I came over the rock I saw the White Croaker right below me. Since I was right above it, the target profile was small and it was lightly swaying with the surge. I line ’em up and wam! I nailed it right on top of the head and it didn’t even move. No trembling, no fight. My first stone shot.

VIDEO – Here is a quick video from that day. My aim was a little off with the camera but I made up for it with the spear.

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