Hey, Flying in to San Diego. There for 10 hrs. Want to grab breakfast?

The-Spear-Podcast-Fan-BreakfastRene is an airline pilot so he does a lot of traveling.

He has been listening to THE SPEAR since the beginning. He reached out to me earlier this year with some questions and we still keep in touch.

Last Saturday I received Rene’s text and we met up for breakfast. It was fun talking about spearfishing, the spear, and life in general.

I was blown away by the impact this humble blog and podcast had on Rene and perhaps you.

I realized this is just the beginning.

Helping Me Help You

We talked about some divingĀ  barriers he was having and came up with ways to overcome them. Rene’s feedback is going to help me write better posts. I added a few entries to my post idea list. Although Rene is an awesome dude, he is not the only listener I email with regularly. I reply to every email I get. I might take a week but I’ll reply to you. So send me your questions or feedback and help me help you.


The Spearo Tribe

If you are reading this you are part of this community. Call it the SpearoTribe, SpearoNation or SpearoBlog Tribe, it’s all the same. The passion for spearfishing, respect for the ocean and each other unites us. Our tribe is not for everyone and that’s OK. Meeting Rene in person for the first time and going right into a conversation like old friend was a new experience for me. I caught a glimpse of what I envisioned this tribe could become.

The Spearo Nation

Last month Ryan Peterson over in Utah reached out to me via our Spearfishing Forum. We had been talking so when Rene mentioned he was going to be in Utah I put them in contact. Ryan took Rene out on a dive and I caught another glimpse of the tribe in action. You can get to know other in the SpearoTribe and have local dive buddy where ever you go. Well not everywhere… yet! I think that is what SpearForum will grow into. Our tribe directory so to speak where you can find like minded spearos to dive with. As new people register and announce their region, I’ll create new forums for them. Ryan will be in town next week and we have a shore dive planned. I’m looking forward to it and I’m looking forward to you connecting with other members of our tribe. When you do, send me an email or write a post on SpearForum I would love to hear about it.

Your Turn

I enjoy seeing Rene grow as a spearo and can’t wait to hear from you too. Get on SpearForum and post your region in the “Around The World” forum. Maybe one day I’ll ask you to take me for a dive when I’m in town.

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