Repairing A Used Speargun

ANOTHER SPEARGUN? – Yes, my other gun is an Aimrite 120 and that is just too long for halibut and hole hunting. I had a 32″ A.B Biller that was in my Jeep when it was stolen and that was my go to gun for holes and halis. My goals: I didn’t want to spend too much money and I wanted an A.B. Biller.

FINDING & BUYING A USED SPEARGUN – On eBay the guns I was looking at were in the $200-300 range and way out of my budget. I scowered CraigsList and eBay and finally found a gun in need of repair. I was able to get an A.B. Biller 42″ for $80. When I received the gun it was in nice shape except for the rotting bands and worn shooting line. I spent another $25 getting the parts to repair it. I decided to use 400 test monoline and a bungee for the shooting line. For the bands I took it from two 9/16 bands to one fat 3/4″ band. The crossectional area of two 9/16″ bands is a about .100 sq. in. more than that of one 3/4″. The power loss is about 10% but I only have to load one band. Since there is a net power loss, overpowering the guns trigger mechanism is not an issue.

SPEARGUN REPAIR VIDEO – I video recorded the rebuild to share with you all. You will see how to make speargun bands, tie the constrictor knots that keep the wishbone in place and setup the shooting line.

THE PAY OFF – At the end of the video you can see the California Halibut I shot the day after this repair.

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