Speargun Build Update

Hi all! Here is the latest from Gene over at Diablo Spearguns. He completed the machine work for all the hardware on the Diablo 121cm Speargun Build and is ready to start shaping.  Here is his last email update and a bunch of photos. I really appreciate Genes communication style and status updates. I’m getting an itchy trigger finger…

Hello Roman,

The machine work on your speargun is complete. Everything is looking very good. This is going to be an outstanding speargun. I’m really loving the reverse mech and how far aft it is set back. You are going to have some serious band stretch/ power.
The handle, offset and moved forward, both looks cool and works great.

I’m off to Costa Rica tomorrow morning and will be back next week. I will give you a shout once I start shaping the speargun late next week. Right now the blank is square, straight with no curves or shape shape. Just a big piece of machined laminated teak which will soon take shape.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Assembled raw speargun.

Photos of the process

One broken router bit later the Gene installed the remote for the reverse trigger mechanism

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