I’m going for it.

After much hands on research I know what I want

Developing My Preference

Since I lost my primary speargun at the end of 2013, I borrowed spearguns for the first half of 2014. It exposed me to many guns and styles. I shot many spearguns including SeaSniper, Wong Spearguns, Riffe, JBL, Rob Allen, Mako, Impaler, and many custom guns made by some of the guys in our club (San Diego Freedivers). Once the blue water season took off I bought a Wong 65″ Super Magnum off a friend. I love that four band beast out in the blue water.

In 2015 I want to do more shore dives so I need a smaller gun that still has fish bone crushing power. I like the euro style gun with all of the gun out in front and the handle way back. I find 120cm is the perfect balance of power and range for reef hunting. I know, I know, some people think a 120 euro style gun is not maneuverable. I have no problems. If I’m aiming and see a better target that requires a drastic direction change, I pull the gun back then out in the new direction. You shouldn’t extend your gun until the very last second before you shoot anyway. It lets the fish come in closer. Check out Episode 1 of The Spear for the benefits of having a longer euro style gun. Besides the euro style handle placement I also want that American wooden gun style.

Diablo Spearguns

I met Gene the owner of Diablo Spearguns on Twitter over a 2 years ago. We have emailed back and forth about spearfishing and other stuff since then. Gene does a great job of posting photos while he is working on made to order spearguns. I’m excited to see the phases as he creates my new speargun. His speargun making style lines up well with my speargun preference at this point in my spearfishing journey.

Diablo Spearguns are basically hybrids. The first ¾ of the speargun is inspired by Euro Guns. The spearguns have a very low profile that is wide and tracks through the water with ease. In addition the bands lay on the same plane as the shaft. Given the power band geometry and added mass with wide business end, muzzle flip is non-existent. The ‘rear’ portion of the gun transitions into an American inspired speargun which folks will recognize. I’ve been building this style of speargun for numerous years. The speargun is unorthodox and does not fit certain personalities but they shoot like a dream for those who dare to be a bit different. Seriously and no bullshit or self promotion but these spearguns are something special and built with a lot of pride and love.

I love it. With passion like this, I know I’m going to get an excellent speargun.

Custom Speargun Based On My Preferences

Build Specs:
  • 121cm overall length
  • 2 x 5/8th power bands with spectra wishbones
  • 9/32″ x 50″ Addiction shaft (127cm) Tri Cut tip
  • Band pull length approx: 115cm Nile-Tec Reverse Mechanism
  • Deep open track with Derlin Insert
  • Stainless Steel Handle Frame with hand carved teak grips
  • Hand rubbed finish.

Getting Wood

Here is a photo of the solid Teak that will make the blank

Diablo 121cm speargun in the raw. Five teak laminate strips ready to be epoxied and than machined into a perfectly square and perfectly straight solid teak blank.

Stay Tuned For Build Updates

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I’ll be updating build the build status as I get updates from Gene. I’m super stoked about the build and can’t wait to get my hands on it.


What is your dream speargun?

What style of speargun would you build and why? Leave a comment with your answer below.


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