A morning spearfishing with my nephew

QUALITY TIME – My nephew Richard is a great outgoing kid. He and his parents came to spend the weekend with us and I had the pleasure introducing him to spearfishing.

POOL LESSON – Richard is was already

a good swimmer so teaching him to use the dive mask, snorkel and fins was a easy. I taught him how to clear water from a his mask, some basic hand signals, and to swim slowly without splashing around so he can see more fish.

RICHARD’S DIVING VIDEO – I followed Richard with the video camera then take it deeper to see some fish. Richard retrieves a couple of shells and some star fish to work on his diving. Then we take it back to the pool to answer Richard’s question  – How do you make bubbles? Enjoy!

SPEARFISHING TIP – Here is some advice for new spearfishermen and women. If you want to see more fish, SLOW down. Make slow deliberate actions. If you are swimming and looking around with fast jerky motions all the fish will swim away before they come into your field of vision.

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