Shot My first White Sea Bass Today

SUMMER SPEARFISHING AFTER WORK – We hit the water at about [4:15] with about 8-10ft viz. After a few minutes I see a few schools of little and medium bait. My dive buddy was ahead as we worked some kelp. I hung back to stay close to the bait and waited. While on the surface I floated above the kelp to hide myself from any fish that might cruise by.

THE SHOT – After a few dives and moving from kelp stalk to kelp stalk, I glide down about 13ft and wait behind a kelp stalk. I then see a dark figure come into my field of vision from the left. I panic for an instant and with my left hand put a death grip on the float line. I line up the shot. I shoot and brace myself for a fight. Nothing…. I give the line some slack and come up for air. From the surface I start to pull in my floatline and still nothing. Just as I got to where the floatline connects to the filament it got heavy and I felt it move. I dive down and start to bring it up. I shot it through the gill and out the cheek. I grabbed both end of the spear and take my first WSB to the surface. I whistled for my buddy and pulled it out of the water to show him. As soon as I pulled it up and out of the water it starts thrashing around so I jumped on it and subdued it.

ADDICION  – What a thrill. I’m still pumped! I was into spearfishing before but now I’m totally addicted. Final weigh in was 10.2Lbs

FILLETING A LARGE FISH – Since this was my largest catch I ended up looking on YouTube for filleting instructions.

Not bad…


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