Spearfishing Spears

First of all Happy New Year!

Here is another post for the new guys. Today we are going to go over the parts of a spearfishing spear.

Not counting length, there are three basic options when it come to selecting a spear for your speargun. This post is by no means a definitive guide – think of it as basic overview. Let’s get started.

Spearfishing Shaft Diameter

Shafts come in many sizes. The thickness of a spear will be a large factor in how much mass and therefor punch the spear has. The larger the diameter the heavier the spear, the more power (bands) you need to fire that spear.  With that additional power you need a better trigger mechanism in a larger gun that can accommodate all the bands. A thin shaft will require less power to launch but they are more likely to bend. Bottom line, choose a shaft that is most suitable for the environment you are in and the fish you are hunting.


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