Should I Take a Freediving Class?

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Absolutely! If you want to be safe and smart about spearfishing a freediving class is a must. Here is why YOU SHOULD take a freediving class.

Best Investment You Can Make

In a few days you can become a safer diver, extend your breath-hold, and beat your deepest dive, all under professional supervision in an ideal environment with little to no distractions. Taking a freediving class will do more for your spearfishing abilities than an expensive speargun.

Learn Safe Buddy Diving and Basic Freediver Rescue

In order to be a safe diver and take care of your diving partner you have to learn how. This is where you learn how AND actually practice the skills in a pool under supervision.

Expand Your Hunting Ground

With new confidence that comes from knowing your abilities you will be calm during your dives. You might be able to dive deeper now so you can explore areas that were not accessible to you before. These same areas would have less pressure from spearos and should hold bigger, easier fish to shoot.

Where to Take a Freediving Class?

I am not sure about all the classes available out there. The one I have personal experience with is the Freedivers Instruction International’s Freediver Level  1 Class. My very knowledgable and capable FII Instructor Brandon Gross  from DeepFreedive did a great job. I’m very happy with the FII class and dive structure.

What Level Freediving Class Should I Take?

Start with the level 1 or equivalent. Even if, you have been Spearfishing for a while, it will give you a better foundation.

Need Help Finding Reputable Freediving Instruction?

YES! Help me find a Freediving Class!

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