How To Find A Dive Buddy?

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If you find this content useful please spread the word by sharing it. Since diving with a partner is so important, here are some proven methods of finding dive partners that have worked for me.

Visit Your Local Dive Shop

In addition to being great places to learn about spearfishing, diving, and equipment, dive shops are a great place to meet divers in your area. If you have a local dive shop that specializes in spearfishing, that is even better. I met my closest dive buddy now a family friend at my local dive shop. The people that work at the shop are probably accomplished spearos themselves. If you go in there with the right attitude they might even offer to take you out or suggest someone who will.

Join a Spearfishing Club

If you have a spearfishing club in your area, JOIN IT. In addition to meeting plenty of dive buddies the club has many other benefits. You have the support of a community. Club members can help answer your questions and even suggest some diving spots that are safe for beginners. If you have the right attitude, follow the Spearfishing Rules, and are respectful, it’s likely some member with more experience may take you under their wing. Be grateful that they took the time to help you and pay it forward when you’re the senior member and a new “new guy” joins your club.

Talk Up Divers You Meet

I have met so many people while getting in and out of my spearfishing suit. It could be a curious jogger wondering what all the gear is for or a visiting spearo from another country. That’s how I met Gustavo from Brazil. We became fast friends and dove 3 times that week. We still keep in touch via Facebook.

Get one of your existing friends into Spearfishing

If you have a friend that is curious about spearfishing get ask him/her to join you. Learn with someone you already know and trust. Take a certified freediving class together so you are diving safely and are properly trained to look out for each other.

Take a Freediving Class

If you can’t find a friend to join you it’s OK. You should take a certified freediving class anyway. Try to take it as close to where you live as possible. This way you have a better chance of meeting local freedivers you can dive with later.

Join SpearForum

Join and post in your local region. If your region is not there we will add it. It’s where other SpearoNation fans can make real connections to go dive and share boat rides.

I’ll Dive with You

Use the contact form to shoot me a message. If you’re in San Diego and want to dive I can make it happen with enough notice.

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