Spearfishing School

How to Spearfish – A Primer for New Divers


Welcome to Spearfishing School – a beginner’s guide to Spearfishing. Post topics include, safety, basics, equipment, rigging, repair, maintenance, techniques, tips, and more. Each post is clear and to the point, with specific examples, some with diagrams, or photos. Access to Spearfishing School is totally free during the beta stage. All I ask is that you share this page and sign up for our email list if you find Spearfishing School useful. Thank you. Enjoy, be safe.


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A Work in Progress

All of the sections are not completed yet. We will publish more sections as we complete them. Our goal is to publish at least one new section per week. Check back often.

Spearfishing School

The over 80 part series everyone new to spearfishing should read.

  1. What is Spearfishing?
  2. Spearfishing or Spear Fishing?
  3. Spearfishing Rules
  4. How to Find a Dive Buddy?
  5. Dangers of Spearfishing
  6. Benefits of Spearfishing
  7. Should I take a Freediving Class?
  8. Minimum Gear to Start Spearfishing?
  9. Spearfishing Log
  10. Spearfishing Wetsuit
  11. Do I Need a Spearfishing Wetsuit with a Hood?
  12. How Much Should I Spend On a Spearfishing Suit?
  13. Do I Need a Weight Belt?
  14. Why is a Rubber Weight Belt Better?
  15. How Much Weight Do I Need?
  16. Should I Wear Gloves While Spearfishing?
  17. Fin Socks aka Booties
  18. Freediving Fins
  19. Spearfishing Dive Knife
  20. How do I carry my fish?
  21. Start with a Polespear or Speargun?
  22. Anatomy of a Polespear
  23. Anatomy of a Speargun
  24. Spearfishing Dive Gear Bag
  25. Spearfishing Log
  26. Spearfishing Log Template
  27. Polespear Options
  28. Choosing the Right Starter Speargun for Me?
  29. What Size Speargun to Get?
  30. Cleaning Your Speargun
  31. Speargun Inspection
  32. Speargun Maintenance
  33. Types of Spearguns
  34. What Order Do I Load Bands on a Speargun?
  35. What is a Floatline?
  36. Is it Floatline or Float Line?
  37. What Length Float Line?
  38. How to Rig a Kelp Carrot to Float Line?
  39. Advice on Getting a Float?
  40. Make a Float
  41. How to Setup a Float?
  42. Where do I Connect My Dive Flag and Float?
  43. Lines and Shock Cords
  44. Single or Double Wrap Mono?
  45. Break Away Setup
  46. The Tax Man A.K.A. Guy in The Gray suit
  47. After Dive Equipment Care
  48. How to Care for an Open Cell Suit?
  49. How to Repair a Hole in my Spearfishing Suit?
  50. When to Change my Speargun Bands?
  51. How to Make New Rubbers?
  52. Do I Need a Dive Watch?
  53. Benefits of Freediving Ear Plugs?
  54. Flashlight
  55. Amber or Clear Lens on Dive Mask?
  56. Fillet Knife
  57. How To Disassemble fins?
  58. Build a “Save The Dive Kit”
  59. Clearing Dive Mask of Water
  60. Clearing a Snorkel of Water
  61. Best Area for a Beginner To Spearfish?
  62. Where to go Spearfish?
  63. Why and  How to Brain a Fish?
  64. Spearfishing Techniques
  65. Fin Technique for Moving On the Surface
  66. Getting Used to Judging Underwater Distance and Size
  67. How To Aim a Polespear?
  68. Polespear Fishing Basics
  69. How To Aim a Speargun?
  70. Be Quiet
  71. Don’t Stare
  72. How To Sneak Up On or Stalk Fish
  73. Spearfishing Aguatto
  74. Spearfishing Aspetto
  75. Best Time to Dive?
  76. Tides and Spearfishing
  77. Where to find fish?
  78. Learn by Observation
  79. How To Increase Bottom Time?
  80. Best Way to Take Fish Home
  81. Cleaning Your Fish
  82. Clearing or Equalizing Ear Pressure
  83. Preventing and Dealing with Sea Sickness
  84. Traveling with Spearfishing Gear
  85. What Training Can I Do for Spearfishing?
  86. Practice

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