As I was saying in the previous post, Polspear Spearfishing Goal Accomplished, I had seen a toad Calico and just could not close distance. I took a brief video of it right before I tried to close distance and as it swam away. After I shot his smaller friend with a polespear I decided to go back and look for him with speargun in hand.

Calico Mind Games

I crossed back on the deep side to approach his home from the opposite side. I came over the ledge and didn’t see him. I hung out for about a minute then moved on to hunt a different area. Nothing that size crossed my path. After another 20 minutes of looking elsewhere I decided to approach his home the same way I did when I saw him the first time. I also thought, If I don’t see him, I’ll wait for him to get back from doing fish stuff. I snuck onto the ledge overseeing his home and held on to a kelp base to stay in one place. The surge passed over me. I looked all over his home and there he was. He had his back to me. I hit record on the GoPro and made my move. There was a plant in the way but as he started to creep forward I got a clear shot and took it. I also scared the bejesus out of an Opaleye that was at the wrong place at the right time.

This was by far one of my the most enjoyable spearfishing hunts. Calicos are wonderful fish to hunt. This beauty weighed in at 6lbs 4oz. another Personal Best for me.


Spearfishing Calico Bass

Spearfishing Calico Bass

Personal Best Polespear Calico 4lbs and Personal Best Speargun Calico 6lbs 4oz



Spearfishing Calico Bass

 Spearfishing Toad Calico Video

Enjoy the Video!

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