True Spearo

Cancun Vacation Spearfishing

Last month my wife and I took a much needed week long vacation to Cancun. I did my research and found Leo at SpearfishingToday. We made the arrangements via email and were set for that Wednesday afternoon.

Spearfishing Playa Del Carmen

After a half hour drive from the resort I met Leo at on the beach of Playa Del Carmen. He introduced me to the boat captain and his crew and we were on our way.

Spearfishing A Wreck

Our first dive spot was  a wreck at about 60-70 feet. There was a nice school of Permit cruising around  so we did a few drifts over it. Leo was first to get fish on the boat then on the next drift he speared another giant one. On the last drift over the wreck Leo decided we should keep drifting for a bit. All of a sudden a few Horse Eye Jacks cruise by. I took my shot and fought to keep the jack close. Leo signaled the boat, we jumped in and celebrated.

Break and a Shallow Spot

We moved to a nice spot with a sandy bottom and boulders at about 20 feet. I saw a fat grouper from the surface but when I dove on it it bolted. I saw a few more Jacks out of range and Leo got a lobster.

Drifting on a Ridge

The third and final spot we put on the GoPros and let the current take us along this long rock ledge. The ledge at about 25 foot with a drop to a sandy bottom at 30 foot ran parallel to the coast. We did multiple dives here and had no luck. Leo came up from his last dive and said

One more dive and we go.

So I took a deep breath and took my last dive. As I descended I noticed a nice Porgy at about the same time it noticed me. He turned and started swimming away from me but I already had him lined up. I leveled off and let the spear fly. You can watch the shot in the video below.

True Spearo

On the way to the wreck Leo and I had some time to talk about our spearfishing experiences and he went over what he expected once we hit the water. We went over the buddy system, one up one down, and proper recovery intervals among other things. His philosophy on safety, and respect for the catch echoed my own. Leo is a true spearo and although we just met, I know Leo and I will be life long friends.

Spearfishing Playa Del Carmen HD Video

Check the video of us diving on the last spot and shooting the Porgy.

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