Seven Days of Spearfishing

I have been diving after work every day for the past 6 days and today, lucky
day number 7, I spotted and took my first California Halibut.

THE HUNT – I had read about the Halibut’s behavior and habits and found a place to hunt that seemed to have the right characteristics. Where the sandy bottom meets the reef is where this ambush predator likes to hunt. In my case it was where the sea grass meets the sand. I was slowly swimming parallel and over the sea grass while looking over the edge with my peripheral vision.
As I swam over a slight 3′ wide ‘U’shaped inlet in the seagrass/sand line I noticed the halibut sitting right in inlet. Its face towards the seagrass and its tail in the sand. With the seagrass under me and to the left and the sand to the right I kept swimming slowly past the halibut for about 8’ then made a left. I gave myself some distance then approach the halibut head on. Perpendicular to the seagrass sand line I used it to conceal my approach and close distance. I placed a shot and nothing happened. Only the sand that was stired up by the spear. I doubt myself “How chould I have miss?” I pull on the spear line  and BLAM! the halibut tried to explode off the ground and take off but it was on my spear. I grabbed the spear and pinned it to the ground while I finished it off then brought it up to the surface.

WHAT A RUSH – After all that research and diving this one fish makes it all seem worthwhile. I felt pretty good and couldn’t wait to eat this delicious fish.

NEW PERSONAL BEST – California Halibut: 24″ 5.25lbs. I shot it with a wooden 38″ Sea Hornet by A.B.Biller

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