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“Poor man’s yacht” – Alex Reynaud (The Spear Episode 38)

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Spearfishing and Fishing Kayak Project

This is part 1 of The Spearfishing Kayak Series

At the start of my spearfishing journey I wrote off kayaks and decided to just shore dive. When I first considered a kayak I started looking into them but the price was so close to a small boat I decided to just put it off and get a small boat instead.

I never got around to getting a boat.

I dove from shore and was successful. Also, I had boat invites. I started paddy hopping and diving the islands with friends that owned boats so I never got around to it.

I will be starting a Spearfishing (Fishing) Kayak Project.

What pushed me to do this was the Trident segment of The Spear interview with Alex Reynaud. I took it to heart and started looking for a Kayak that evening.

I bought a used Scupper Pro Ocean Kayak and I’ll be decking it out for near shore spearfishing adventures. I will write about it and post updates in this series…

The Spearfishing Kayak Project or SpearoYak for short. 🙂

OK Let’s get into it.

Why get a kayak?

A kayak expands your fishing territory and range. It also adds an element of safety above and beyond a shore dive. The kayak becomes your home base. You can carry water, food, some first aid supplies, your gear, radio, and of course your fish.

Beyond the basics, a kayak with a sounder (fish finder) is a great way to cruise around and look for dive spots at depths you feel comfortable with.

Why this kayak?

This is the quintessential spearfishing kayak. In its hey day it was one of the few yaks with two storage compartments. It has tons of storage. The compartments are built in and can be sealed so you can pack your spearfishing gear, water, lunch, and your fish for the paddle back to shore. Once the compartments are latched you don’t have to worry about losing gear if you get rolled by a wave.

With its long hull design it tracks well in the water. That helps to get the most out of each paddle stroke by tending to stay straight in stead of going right and left with each stroke. The Ocean Kayaks Scupper Pro is out of production now but you can still find them used and haggle for a good deal.

The Search for a Spearfishing Kayak

I kept it simple and checked CraigsList as soon as Alex left my house after dinner.

I found two potential kayaks.

On had some photos but was a 2 hour drive. It was listed for $300. Just the Scupper Pro kayak. No seat, or paddle. I reached out via text and didn’t hear back.

The second had a good description and the price was $200 but no photos. I messaged the seller and we went back and forth over text. It was used as a boat tender and it was kept at the marina.

Not a good sign.

I sent Alex a text to get his opinion on it and he also thought it might be a beat down yak sitting in the sun and salt water.

He also told me what to look out for. If it is not stored on its side or upside down it could have a warped the hull and it won’t track as well. He then started looking for kayaks too and found another one with good potential in the $400 range.

The seller of the second kayak could not meet until the next day. We made an appointment to meet at the marina the next morning at 8AM.

I pull up to the marina the next morning and meet Marty; an awesome gentleman who was moving out of town.

He had sold his boat and the kayak was the last thing to go. On the way to the Kayak I tell him about my plans to use it as a spearfishing kayak and that I planned to make the project a series on SpearoBlog. I told him about The Spear and SpearoNation. He liked what I was doing.

We walk up to the kayak rack and it is out of the water, in the shade, and upside down. It looks great for being an old kayak. Marty unlocked it, took it down, and we made a deal.

Deal of the year I think.

He threw in a carbon paddle, kayak seat, two kayak plugs, and a pair of Rack-It cross bar pads.

I paid $200

Here she is racked and ready for the ride home.


At home I took inventory of the parts that need replacing.
• Bow Plug is a Champagne Cork
• The compartment covers are cracked but have been glued
• Some hatch straps are missing or the rivets are missing
• There are not connection points for the seat
• One of the bow and stern handles are PVC pipe elbows and one is broken

All and all this is not a bad looking yak.

The plan is to fix the basics first then plan out the upgrades.

Spearfishing Kayak Project

Have you or are will you be starting your own Spearfishing Kayak Project?

Share it with the SpearoNation on SpearForum.

I started a Spearfishing Kayak Project section in our forums for us to check out each others setups and share ideas. SpearForum.com – Your Spearfishing Kayak Project

Update: Change of Plans Jackson Kayak Kraken 13.5

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