Pre-Season Kelp Dive

The opportunity to dive off a boat came along and I jumped on it. One of the other divers in the San Diego Freedivers club was looking for divers to join him last Sunday.

Early Start – Got up at about 4:15AM to drive an hour to meet at 6:15AM. I got to the meeting spot about 30 minutes early so I took a quick nap.

Diving – The three of us were excited about the conditions. There was a great deal of kelp and it was up. No current and in some parts the water even looked glassy. Nice! We all got suited up and jumped in the water. Wow! It was so cold! Between 51 and 55.

How Embarrassing – I hadn’t used my 120 Aimrite for 3 or 4 months. Also, I was experimenting with a new place to mount the camera so it got in the way when I tried to hook the stock on my weight belt buckle. I don’t like to chest load I jacked up a rib like that a last year. Anyway after struggling to load it for about 10 minutes I sucked it up and asked my buddy Brett to load it for me. So embarrassed. I’ll be hitting the cable pull machine all week.

Nobody Home – Dove around for a while and no one saw any fish. We all eventually made our way back to the boat, pulled anchor, then went to a different spot to try our luck finding bugs for lunch.

Grilled Jerk Lobster – Brett and Bill pulled a three lobsters and we had them for lunch on the boat. It was awesome. Bill does it with style. He unpacked a full on gas griddle and had all the veggies pre-cut and ready to go. He grilled it all up and added some Jamaican Jerk Sauce as he said.

Just because you are eating on a boat doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly

Thank you – Thanks for having me on your boat Bill! Thanks for loading my gun Brett. 🙂


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