The April Give Away winner is…

Ken Hunrichs

Congrats Ken. As you know this month’s give-away is the new shirt to celebrate the launch of The Spear podcast.

Ken is involved with the good folks at Friends of CP and Friends Of The Childrens Pool helping to preserve Ocean Access. Here is a little about Ken’s diving experience…

I have taken one fish by spear in my life. It was back in 1968 or 69 when I traveled with my parent to Guymas, Mexico and San Carlos Bay. It was completely undeveloped back then and we camped on the beach. I had a homemade 8 ft long sling spear with a trident tip and shot one puffer fish in among the coral reef. I skinned it and tried to inflate it with a balloon but it looked more like a spiny football with a bad haircut than a puffer fish. My family were sailors and we spent lots of time at Catalina Island in the summer on my parent’s sailboat. I was certified in SCUBA by NAUI in 1978 at San Diego State University. I didn’t dive much afterward after being spoiled by the clear, warm waters we experienced in our travels to the tropics. So I limited my diving to snorkeling and only when the surf was flat.

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Who’s Next?

If you didn’t win this month just make sure you are signed up to our email list and you will be in the running for next months drawing. The give away for May is really nice. I’m sorting out the details and will announce it in the next few days.

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