Best Gifts for Spearfishing Enthusiasts

UPDATED: December 2015

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

With Thanksgiving behind us, today’s post is a gift guide for people with loved ones that are into Spearfishing. Every spearo loves new gear but I’ll tell you what will make them say “Yessss!”. I listed items out by Price Range to make it easier. OK. Let’s get started.

Spearfishing Gear By Price Range:

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $9 – $19 Price Range

Little items with big benefits

JBL Hydro Seal Aqua Plugs – Although I havn’t had any issues clearing, it has been my experience that these earplugs make it a lot easier to clear when diving down. These are a great little stocking stuffer.

Riffe Fish Stringer w/ Quick Clip – Most spearos already have a basic stringer but this one is nice because it has the quick clip.

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $20 – $49 Price Range

The items I’ve pointed out in this range are used on every dive and will always need to be replaced due to wear and tear. An extra set will always be welcomed.

Spearing Magazine Subscription (1yr) – The gift that keeps on giving. This one will have your spearo thanking you every 3 months. Great articles and beautiful high resolution photos.


Body Glove 3mm Exo Five Finger Glove
– I love these gloves. If there is one thing that spearos go through, its gloves. Even if your spearo doesn’t need them now, they will in the near future.

Cressi 2.5-mm Anti-Slip Socks – Although I havn’t used these particular dive socks. These are another piece of gear that can get worn out fast if your spearo does a lot of shore diving. Again these will get used.

SpearFishing Free Dive Heavy Duty Rubber Weight Belt w/ SS Buckle – If your spearo has a nylon weight belt this will be a welcomed change. If they already have a rubber weight belt they can always use another one.

Cressi Dry Bag – These are great to keep Keys, Cell phone, Wallet, dry in the gear bag that is sitting on the boat getting splashed.

Cressi Dry Bags

IST Mesh Dive Bag – Made of mesh to help dry gear and it folds down into its own pocket.

IST Mesh Dive Bag

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $50 – $99 Price Range

JBL Spearfishing BackPack – It is well thought out and your spearo can carry all of his/her gear including speargun and fins with this one backpack.


Riffe Standard Floatline – This floatline is great for mid size fishing. It can be upgraded with a section of bungee or replaced with a full bungee floatline to hunt large game.

Riffe Standard Floatline

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $100 – $199 Price Range

Surf-Fur Water Parka – Changing in and out of a wetsuit can be tricky with a towel. This parka is great for changing in public and for keeping your spearo warm on boat rides.


Underwater Kinetics Sea Turtle Pack – Three light kit. C4 eLED Dive Light, Mini Q40 eLED (Backup) Dive Light w/mask strap, and Dive Beacon.

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $200 – $499 Price Range

  • Freediving Class – This is a great gift for your spearo. Learning how to freedive safely is a foundation that will server them well throughout their spearfishing adventures.
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition – These GoPro cameras innovated personal HD sport video by making it available to everyone. With this latest version the Hero3 Black Edition steps it up again. This little camera can record at beyond 1080p video (4K) and up to 120 frames per second in 720p. What does this all mean? It means kick butt slow motion and ridiculously high video quality for the price.

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $500 – $699 Price Range

  • Suunto D4i Dive Computer – I use the D4 version of this dive computer and I love it. It has a freediving mode that tracks dive time, depth, temp, and surface time. The best part is that once it’s in freedive mode it tracks all that automatically. It’s a great tool.
  • Shark Shield Freedom 7 – A shark repellent based on an electric field. This one is expensive but from my experience, totally worth it. My wife got me one over a year ago. I feel safer in the water and she feels better when I go spearfishing.

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $700 – $1,500 Price Range

Best gift ever status!

  • Wong Spearguns – These are considered the best guns in the world of spearfishing. Check out the Hybrid or Bluewater models. This is the best spearfishing gift a spearo could get.

Spearfishing Gifts Ideas In The $2000+ Price Range

My dream gun… one day, I would love to have a custom gun made for SpearoNation and The Spear Podcast. When that day comes this is who I’ll be calling.

Sea Sniper SSPC – The Sea Sniper Pro Custom is epic. This is not only a gun but a work of art. Learn more about Sea Sniper on The Spear Episode 40

Listen to this episode NOW

Need more spearfishing gift suggestions?

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Still can’t find the perfect gift? Leave a comment or shoot me an email via the Contact Form with some info about your spearo and I can come up with some more suggestions for you.

Happy Shopping!

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