As our community grows it is time to have a place where you can communicate with each other. I present to you…<Drum Roll>

Spearfishing Forum

I started our own Spearfishing Forum called as an extension of SpearoBlog.

Following the principals of SpearoBlog,

The website I wish I had when I was starting out.

SpearForum will be the beginner friendly place “I wish I had when I was starting and had questions.” We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect.

Help Shape SpearForum

SpearForum is in it’s first stage. I will be adding more sections and forums to it as needed. What sections would you like to see? Tell us where you are from and we can add your region.

Use the forum to ask/answer questions, find dive buddies, buy/sell stuff, get together on group buys, etc.

Register Your Username Today

Since we are starting from scratch you have a unique opportunity to register a cool username before the cool ones are gone.

Thanks For Stopping By

I’ll see you on SpearForum!!

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