And One More Paddy

The day went on. We found a rather large paddy but the fish were very skittish. The yellows were staying well outside my range. The Dorados were making passes but nothing close enough to have a nice solid shot. So out of desperation I had a moment of enlightenment. They were not attracted to strumming the bands on my gun but when I pinched the band between my left index and thumb and rubbed along the band it was on. I did one short quick stroke and the bigger of the three Dorados swimming from my left to right turned right towards me. I looked away and he lost interest and continued in the opposite direction. Now he was a bit closer. I sneak a look and see that he is broad side again starting to swim back left but closer to me. I rub the band again and again he turns right towards me. I look away and now he is closer. He turns broad side again and parallel to his original path but way closer. What the heck, I rub the band one more time and again it turns right to me. At this point he is about 5 feet away and I wait for him to turn. He turned and I put the steel in ’em.

A Lesson I’ll Never Forget

As you will see in the video I shoot two Yellowtail. The second one still had some fight in him when I got to the boat. I didn’t “brain” it and pulled out the shaft to put it on the boat. Big mistake. Although I had a had my hand in its gills, once it felt my grip lighten for that fraction of a second while I looked up at the boat to throw it in, it gave it it’s all and I lost my grip. That’s the one that got away. It still hurts a little when I think about it.

Thank you Matt

I’ve known Matt Swartout for a little over a year but had yet to dive with him. Matt is a solid diver/spearo with years of experience. He is the man behind Diamond Spearfishing and the creator of the Fish Candy Flashers. These things work.

Great Times

It was a great day spearfishing with an awesome Spearo and an awesome learning opportunity. I’m looking forward to more bloody adventures.

Paddy Hopping Advice

I had a three fish tear off. I’ll be looking at a slip tip solution before my next Blue Water outing.


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