Spearfishing Book Review

Spearfishing for Skin and SCUBA Divers

Happy Friday! Today we are doing a book review. This was the first spearfishing book I ever bought. “Spearfishing for Skin and SCUBA Divers” by Steven M. Barsky. Steven did an outstanding job putting together this spearfishing primer.

I found it in the discount rack of a local SCUBA store while shopping around for a polespear. I didn’t find a polespear but I did come home with this book.

Ten Chapters

Here is a quick list of my favorite chapters in the book

  • Ch 5: Where to Find Fish
  • Ch 6: Types of Fish
  • Ch 7: Developing Your Spearfishing Techniques

Spearfishing Basics

All the basics are covered and then some. Among other topics he covers each piece of freediving gear, the different options of spearguns, and miscellaneous spearfishing equipment. When I was getting in to spearfishing reading Chapters 1-4 was a great primer.

Fish Info

The fish type section uses about a page and a half where Steven shares his knowledge on where to find game species of fish and how to hunt them. If you’ve already been spearfishing for a while I’m almost positive you will learn something new from this book.

Totally Worth It

At about $16 this 145 page book is a nice addition to any spearo’s book collection.

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