Dorado – Mahi Mahi – Dolphin

We got reports from a fellow San Diego Freediver. Austin was out on Saturday and shot a giant Dorado. I got the call Saturday for a Sunday trip and I was in. Matt and I were on the “Little Whaler” and out of San Diego Bay by 5:30am. We came across a few paddies with schools of Yellowtail. The only problem was they were about nine inches. We found and dove a few more paddies and still not seeing fish.


All of a sudden we hear Austin hailing us over the radio. We tell him where we are and he shares coordinates on the paddy he is on with fish. On our way to it we came across a paddy and Matt got a nice Dorado. I jumped in after and missed on a yellow. We pressed on and found yet another paddy on the way. We were about 5o feet from the paddy and could see the school of Dorado pass right by the boat.

I throw on my stuff and slip into the water. They immediately come by to check me out as I load my speargun. I put on the slip tip and tuck the spectra in my band. The school is leaving now. I hit record on the GoPro and wait for them to make another pass. Watch the video to see what happens next. 😉


Slow Motion Dorado Shot

Enjoy the video


Thanks Austin!

You are the man!


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