Spearfishing California

I went on a shore dive with fellow San Diego Freedivers Greg and Anthony last month. It was a quick one. The visibility was a good 20 feet. We didn’t see much until we started heading back to shore. We saw a few fish. Greg shot a nice size Calico but some how it wiggled it’s way off his spear. He spent the next 5 minutes looking for it. I saw a nice size goat and lined it up. I was using the Wong Super Mag 65″ speargun (over kill) so I only had 2 out of 4 bands loaded. I leveled off with the goat and swam behind it waiting for it to turn. It broke to the right and I fired. The shaft flew one gun length before stopping dead. The shooting line had tangled up in the unloaded bands. You can’t win them all.

Lucky Encounter

We made our way to shore and on the way out I saw a nice couple with a camera. I asked if they would take our photo. A little pop up flash magic captured the beautiful San Diego sunset behind our ugly mugs. A month later they sent me this photo and I love the way it turned out. It says California Spearfishing all the way.


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