What do I need to go spearfishing?

The 12 things you need to go spearfishing

This is a two part post that lists the 12 items you should have before going spearfishing. Some you can make a case for not having but most are crucial to staying safe and comfortable.

  1. License – Respect the laws and regulations of the waters you intend to hunt in. Ignorance is not an excuse for taking the wrong fish, size, or amount. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and buy your fishing license and any other permits you may need.
  2. Dive Buddy –  Not a piece of gear but don’t even think about going spearfishing without a dive buddy. Keep an eye on each other and practice the “One up One down” method.
  3. Low Volume Mask – What the heck is a low volume mask? Well, it is a diving mask that has been designed to have less space between your face and the lenses in order to reduce the volume of air. Why do I care? As you dive down the air in the mask is compressed by the pressure of the water and at about 33 feet will be half the volume it was on the surface. It’s the pressure that feels like it could suck your eye balls out of your face. In order to ease the pressure you have to put a little air from your lungs in to the mask to equalize the pressure. Air is precious, so the lower the volume of the mask, the less air you have to spend.
  4. Snorkel – Breathing on the surface floating face down is where you will spend most of your time. Keeping your face out of the water to breath would be hard work and it will drain your energy. I like the snorkel with a purge valve and some flexibility so when I spit out the mouth piece it falls away from my mouth. I have friends that love the simple “J” snorkel.
  5. Open Cell Suit – A two piece suite that does not have a lining on the inside. That’s where “Open Cell” comes from. This suit is crucial for staying warm and protecting the skin against scratches and cuts from rocks, reef, and sometimes jellyfish. With that warm suit you will be very buoyant and it will be almost impossible to dive down.
  6. Weight Belt and Weight – The weight belt should be worn on the hips so it doesn’t restrict your breathing. I prefer a rubber belt so I can wear it a little tight. At depth when the pressure compresses your suit, the rubber belt will stay put since it will adjust for the compression. The nylon belts work too but at depth when the suit compresses the belt will stay the same size and it will feel loose. The worst part of a loose belt is lead weight clicking against each other. I’ll go over how much weight in another post.

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