Spearfishing equipment list continued

In this post we continue our list of The 12 things you need to go spearfishing. Here is the link in case you missed Spearfishing Beginner Gear List – Part 1. Enjoy the post and remember to leave us comments with your feedback or questions at the end.

  1. Gloves – Gloves protect your hands and keep you warm. Human skin is not very tough and wet skin is even more vulnerable. I use Body Glove 5mm EXO Gloves.
  2. Booties – Same idea as the gloves plus they protect your feet from the edge of the fin pockets.
  3. Freediving Fins – These fins are especially long and are made from materials ranging from plastic to carbon fiber. Freediving fins are long so they have a longer “memory”. In freediving conserving oxygen is the key. Long fins will continue your kick longer than standard fins.
  4. Dive Knife – The dive knife is used to kill a fish after it is shot. It also serves as a safety tool in case of entanglement with old fishing line or kelp.
  5. Speargun or Polespear – This is why you are reading this no? You need a speargun or polespear to shoot all the fat fish. I recommend that beginners get a polespear. Not only are polespears cheaper, spearfishing with a polespear forces you to get good at all the other skills you need to be a good spearo.
  6. Stringer – The stringer is basically a cord with a spike on one that is used to tie the fish you have slayed while on a dive.

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What next?

Now that you have all the equipment read the Spearfishing Rules post. Safety first.

Did I miss anything?

What gear would you add to the list? Add your comment below.

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