Traveling With Spearfishing Gear

I came across a question about spearfishing gear and travel. In particular flying with a speargun. In today’s post I’m going to share how I travel with my spearfishing gear and give you some insight.

Is it worth it to travel with your speargun? – The pros, you know your

gear and have it setup the way you like. You already have to get familiar with spearfishing a new place – using a rented or borrowed gun will make your dive stressful. Also, as I learned from experience the gear might be poorly maintained or not of good quality. Although you will have to check in your speargun most airlines have special sporting equipment exceptions and don’t charge extra for the odd size. More on that later. The cons are that you will have to check in your gear and there is a risk of loss. Also since the gear is over sized you will have to pick it up in a special area since it won’t fit on the conveyor belt. In my opinion traveling with my speargun and spearfishing gear is totally worth the effort.

How to pack spearguns/spearfishng equipment for travel – I started using the SporTube after a friend of mine let me borrow his on a trip. I use the Snowboard, Multi-Ski version since it offers the most space. I pack my spearguns, open cell suite, Shark Shield, dive weights, float, floatlines, etc. and roll it through the airport. At the counter check in the gear as fishing equipment. Since it’s sporting equipment I have not been charged for the extra check in item. I usually travel with a medium check in, the SporTube hard case, a carry on, and my laptop/camera bag.


Want an itemized list? – See an itemized list of the gear in this photo on our recommended Spearfishing Gear page

How do you do it? – Have you traveled with spearfishing gear? How did you do it? Do you have any pointers to share? Please leave a comment with your travel setup or questions.

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