How I became a Spearo Part 5

As I continued to search the internet for more knowledge about freediving I came across a write up on Spearboard is a forum about spearfishing and to my surprise San Diego has a great spearfishing community. I quickly made an account and put up a post asking if I could tag along to see what spearfishing is like. Two local divers Tom and Steve responed and invited me to meet them at the beach that weekend. I purchased the appropriate license on the CA DFG web site and was able to print a temporary license right off the website. I was all set.

At the beach Steve offered to let me borrow a speargun but I did not feel comfortable enough in the water to use a gun yet. I did however have my video camera and although we did not get any fish it was a great learning experience for me. We even had some seals follow us around on the way in.


After all that we were off on our Maui vacation where I shot my first fish.

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