How I became a Spearo Part 2

Part2: Snorkel Paranoia – Fear of sucking water.

PROBLEM: Ever since 6th grade I’ve had a paranoia of snorkeling. All I remember was being invited to a pool party and trying out one of the kids’ snorkel. I didn’t suck water but the pressure of the water against my chest while trying to inhale scared me a little. Since then I avoided snorkels and the like.

SOLUTION: Since part of my fear was based on not wanting to inhale water, I took to the Internet and found a snorkel designed to help prevent that. After reading many sites and reviews I went with the Reef Stable Snorkel. It has a valve on the mouth piece to purge water and and curved cap to prevent water from splashing into the snorkel. I also bought the Aqualung Micro Mask and some Mares Volo Race Fins.

SNORKELING TECHNIQUE – With all my gear acquired and after reading many websites on how to snorkel Lan and I took to the pool to give it a try. Lan is certified in SCUBA and she was looking out for me and giving me pointers. I practiced mask clearing, snorkel clearing by displacement and snorkel clearing by forcing water out at the surface. I had a blast and it was awesome swimming with fins. After a few more pool sessions Lan and I decided to go snorkel La Jolla shores with a friend.

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