San Diego Spearfishing 1-On-1

Spearfishing-San-Diego-Intro-Dive-1on1Now Booking Private Spearfishing Consultations

Coming to San Diego?

Learn The Basics of Spearfishing.

In the spirit of SpearoBlog – the site I wished was out there when I was getting started, I decided to start this service.

As you know, this website is completely free for you to benefit from but it does not replace the need for live, in person, in water, experience.

Spearfishing Foundation

You can learn as you go, develop bad habits, break laws, hurt yourself or others and destroy the image of our sport OR You can do it the right way.

Get started with a good foundation to build upon that will make your entry into the sport a success. My Spearfishing 1 on 1 consultation is designed to get you past the first hurdles and on your way to becoming a competent, safe, and more productive spearo. Think of it as an in person intro to spearfishing – A running start.


The Details

Price includes:

  • Full Equipment Rental (Including Speargun)
  • Fishing License
  • One Hour Prep and Gear
  • Two Hour Shore Dive
  • US$200.00

How to Book a Session

Check the calendar here and reserve your spot >> SCHEDULE My 1-On-1 Session