I received an email from John Carpenter today. John is an experienced spearfisherman from the Long Beach Neptunes. I met him at the San Diego Freedivers Blue Water Meet last year where he took 3rd place with a White Seabass. John and the Neptunes are spreading the word about freediving safety. He sent us this guest post and I am happy to publish this life saving information. There is so much information here that you might have to read it a few times.

 Safely Landing White Seabass

by John Carpenter
Long Beach Neptunes

Safety Considerations

Just about every safety consideration in our sport includes preparation, equipment, knowledge, and sound decision-making. At the risk of stating the obvious – I hope your “New Year’s” resolution includes improving your health and/or getting into good diving condition. Common sense dictates what you need to do and there are plenty of books and articles on the subject.

Why is this important?
The benefits relative to our sport are improved stamina and the ability to safely dive longer and deeper as well as being able to “spot” or if need be, rescue your partner. It’s not just about you…

Safety starts in your head
Thinking about Spearfishing Safety is similar to discussing a SWAT entry plan with experienced tactical operators. Give them a mission, and they will each have their unique way of accomplishing the goal; no one plan necessarily better than the other. However, every plan has one goal that is paramount; Safety! The lesson here is to speak with other divers and absorb their knowledge and experience. There’s always something to be learned from others!

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