More Polespear Spearfishing

Enjoy the video and read the backstory below

Spearfishing San Clemente Island Day 1

I was lucky enough to go on an overnight trip to San Clemente Island with experienced San Diego Freedivers Volker and Joe.

We headed out of Dana Point and got to the island with enough time to get a dive in.

I was having trouble clearing but made the best of it. The water was beautiful. It was clear and blue. I could see giant Calicos but they were long gone before I could close distance. I took it slow and watched them. One of them saw me and went down to its favorite hiding spot. I could see him in the shadow of the rock at about 20 feet. I got ready and started my dive down and my right ear would not clear. I was congested from fighting off a cold. I retreated to the surface, took off my mask and blew my nose. I dove again and lingered at about 10 feet moving my jaw and trying to apply a little pressure to my ear to equalize. Finally, I hear a high pitched long squeak as the pressure in my ear equalizes. I am able to sink a little deeper and get in range. I took aim, shot, and made my way back to the boat with a new personal best 4.5lbs calico.

Spearfishing Calicos San Clemente Island

Camera Time

I took the Calico back to the boat, left the speargun, and grabbed the camera. To take some photos of Volker and Joe…


Boat Camping

After a nice start to our San Clemente Island overnight trip we cooked dinner on the grill on the boat and went to sleep. It was a long night. I had more sleep than I’m used to with the 2 year old and 3 month old at home. I missed my little guys and my wife.

Spearfishing San Clemente Island Day 2

Polespear Spearfishing Challenge

One of my Polespear Spearfishing goals for 2015 was to get a decent Calico with a Polespear AND film it.

Well I’m happy to report that I accomplished my personal best Calico with a polespear. It weighed in at 4lbs. I took what I learned the day before and went shallow. The big ones have their go to hiding spot and feel pretty safe once they are there. The trick is to spot them when they are high in the water column then gently get as close as possible so they casually swim away and into their hole instead of bolting.

I came over a ridge and saw a giant Calico. It was broad side and about 8 feet away. I cocked the polespear and started to close distance. It saw me and swam away. I could have nailed it if I had a speargun… oh well. I keep hunting and I see another smaller but still good sized Calico. Its right above the rocks. I cost to it and it moves to its hiding spot. I make my way over knowing it could be just over the next ridge. I hit record on the GoPro secured to my left hand and cock the polespear. Here we go….

Here is the video enjoy!

Stay Tuned

I’m working on the video for part two of day two were I get another personal best 6lbs 4oz Calico (the giant I saw earlier). I’ll be putting that out shortly along with another episode of THE SPEAR podcast.

UPDATE: Spearfishing San Clemente Island Day 2 Continued

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