Polespear Shore Dive Session

Last week I went on a fun shore dive with two new San Diego Freedivers members Greg and Scott. We went over some basic signals and got in the water. We took out the polespears because it is the best way to learn and I like the challenge.


I let Scott and Greg go first so they would have a better chance of seeing fish. Right away, I notice they are swimming a little fast. I catch up to them and we talk about slowing down and being smooth. With polespears the effective range is limited. You have to be smooth and not spook the fish before you get in range to shoot them. Other than that they did great. We put in some good time in the water and we had a blast.

Halibut In The Sand

On one dive I saw a Halibut. It was well buried and I could not tell its length. Since I wasn’t going to shoot it with my polespear I shot it with the camera. Check out this short video and see how well hidden he was.

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