How I became a Spearo Part 1

Photo by: bjtphoto

Part1: The Maui Vacation

SETTING THE WHEELS IN MOTION – February 2011 my then fiancé (now wife) Lan, convinced me to take a much needed vacation to Maui in May. We booked our flight direct from San Diego to Maui and I did not think about it much…at first.  Soon I was reading about Maui and all the great things you can do there. With the exception of swimming as a kid and dabbling in Surfing I had no prior in ocean experience.

“I HAVE TO LEARN SOMETHING AQUATIC..” I decided to focus on activities that are not available to me here in San Diego. I chose to face my fear of snorkeling since there was no way I was trying SCUBA. (Before you comment on this, I know Snorkeling is available in SD but not with 80’+ visability.)

NEXT – Part2: Snorkel Paranoia – Fear of sucking water.

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