The Fish Are Here

Once again, we were out searching the Pacific Ocean for Dorado and Yellowtail. The fishing has been good lately so it was busy out there. Usually we can go for miles and not see any boats. We bumped into other San Diego Freedivers members and I took the opportunity to jump in the water and get some third person video of Butch and Chad.

Not only that, Matt was killing it. He shot five fish and got all the shots on video. I stopped by his place the next day to copy some of his video footage. Ryan also contributed a nice shot on a Yellowtail. It is a nice feeling when everyone is getting fish. Days like these are what keeps me coming back even after a series of fruitless trips.

Let the fish slaying begin!

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 Thank You!

Congrats Butch, Chad, Ryan and Matt on getting fish and thank you for being good sports about me filming you.


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