First Speargun I Ever Owned

The first speargun I ever owned was a  used

JBL 38 Special

Best Deal Ever

I bought it for $5 at a San Diego Freedivers Club Meeting and Gear Swap. It was sitting collecting dust in one of the member’s garage and he brought it to the meeting to find it a new home. He held up the gun and announced…

I have this old JBL name your price

I quickly exclaimed

Five bucks!

I think the excitement in my voice kept others from bidding. That or the gun was not worth more than 5 bucks. Anyway I was so stoked.

A Little TLC

The bands were rotten but it looked awesome to me. A few days later I learned how to make a speargun band and replaced the two bands.

Lucky or Unlucky

I lost the gun a month later. The diver I bought the gun from was the same buddy from the Seven Gill Shark Attack post. Crazy.

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