Fun Dive Wednesday Night

I got a text earlier in the week from a fellow diver asking if I wanted to hit the water Wednesday night for bugs. I met Mario Larrea through another dive buddy last year. He has a great attitude and enthusiasm about spearfishing. We set a meeting place and time and I had some prep work to do.

Pre-Dive Prep Work – I checked all my gear and replaced the batteries in my C4 light. I found a hole on the thumb of on of my gloves so I stopped by James and Joseph’s to pick up some repair materials. I saw this “Keep Calm and Spear Fish” shirt they just put out on SpearDeals and I was hoping they had it in the shop. They did and I bought one.

Second time in the water since November – It was cold but the visibility was good so I was stocked. About 5 minutes into it I hear Mario “Wooo!”.  He had grabbed a nice bug. After a celebratory high five he put it in his game bag and we continued our search. We were in the water for less than two hours but my feet were starting to get numb from the cold. We start talking about getting out and like always we decide to go a little bit further. Score! I’m on the board with my first bug of the season. Happy days!


Thanks for stopping by – Like always, all comments and questions are appreciated.

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