In The Midnight Hour

…we fill out our lobster cards and get in the water.

Mario and I met up for the lobster opener Saturday morning. We dove for about two hours and both came out with some bugs.

The Heebie Jeebies

I still get them on night dives and tonight was no exception. I was super jumpy. At one point a little bait fish, excited by my light crashed into my face and nibbled me on the lip. I flinched. Later, I saw a nice looking bug. I dove on it. I grabbed it and right away it felt small. I let it go and saw movement on the other side of the rock I was reaching under. There was a little four foot horn shark trying its hardest to get at a fish it had cornered under the rock. Its face was deep under the rock and it was swimming hard to get in further. I moved on.

Two Bugs! I’m On The Board

I saw a decent bug that was clearly legal. I closed distance and went for the grab. Poof! It was gone. First attempt of the night. I’ll chalk that one up to being rusty. I didn’t commit to the grab. I keep going and find a few groups of smaller bugs and they are skittish. They dodge my light like prisoners making a run for it across the yard during a prison break. I come across one lucky fellow and grab em. Woo! One in the bag. Got the skunk off. I miss on another and grab a second before the night is done.

What? Do I Have Something On My Face?

I was taking this photo when my wife Lan walked into the kitchen. I wish I had the video going to catch her reaction. Anyway can you come up with a quote for this photo?



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