Great Camera Cheap Plastic Parts

Recently while getting ready for a dive I was bitterly disappointed when the clip that slides into the helmet mount broke off while clipping it in. I sometimes use the helmet adapter to strap the GoPro around my dive light. This and a few other incidents of GoPro mount breakage inspired me to write this letter.

Letter to GoPro:

Dear GoPro,

I LOVE your video cameras. You revolutionized the self produced sport video genera and gave us folks an affordable solution to our underwater needs.

I do however have one complaint. What is up with these cheap plastic mounts and clips that keep breaking?

I was nice to these things. I took extra care of the last clip I bought. I didn’t want to waste another $15 on a “grab bag” when I only need one clip. The clips that came with my Hero2, and two underwater housings(I gave one to a friend) all broke the same way. The last one broke while being clipped in to the mount for the THIRD time. Weak!

I’m only telling you this ’cause I care. Other than that you make great stuff. Keep up the good work and think about what we talked about.

Best Regards,


P.S.: Enjoy the photos.

UPDATE: I found a solution for this. Check out my Review of the PolarPro Strap Mount



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