Are you learning to spearfish?

You came to the right place. Today’s post is a short introduction to the Learn to Spearfish section of SpearoBlog. One of the reasons I set up this blog was to have a place to share what I learn along the way. I figure if I have a question about something others will too.

Where To Start

Have a look through our Learn to Spearfish posts. There are new posts added to this category every week.


If you are looking for posts about spearfishing halibut for example, just type halibut in the search box on the upper right and you will get a list of all the posts that contain the word. Try it out.

Send Me Your Questions

I would like to invite YOU to send me spearfishing related questions. I’ll do the research and add it to the Learn to Spearfish section for you and others to read. Shoot me an email with your questions or add it to the comments below. My email address is Roman[at] Please put “Question for Roman” in the subject line.

Thank You for Stopping By

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