Sorry I have not posted in a while. We just got a new home so moving and settling in has kept me out of the water. Let me tell you about the last time I was in the water..

Sunday October 13th 2013

The day started out great. I met Matt at the boat ramp and the conditions were good. We went out to the islands and after not seeing much we just dove around the shallow structure. I saw a few nice fish. As I cruised around I noticed a giant Calico hanging out near the base of  some boulders that gave  him a good hiding spot. He saw me and bolted under the rock pile. I dove down and looked in its hole and could see there was a back door. I jiggled my gun around the entrance than came up for air. I creeped around the back of the bolder and the tide pushed me over and there it was. We looked at each other and he was faster than me. He went back under the boulder. I went around the front and didn’t see him. I still dove down and made a commotion at the front entrance then checked the back again. This time I timed the surf and had my gun along the face of the boulder. With only one band loaded I peek over the ledge and there he is about 3 feet from my gun. I could not tell if  my aim was on since I was holding the gun out and with a bent wrist to get the angle. I shot and I missed. I reloaded then went to the front and back door and didn’t see him. I went to the front again and nothing. I took a few minutes to adjust my float line and after I drifted about 15 feet from the rock I saw this toad of a Calico bolt out from behund the boulder and away along the island wall. I didn’t get him but it was a fun experience. It was time to go home so I made my way to the boat. I unloaded my speargun and pushed it on to the inverted “V” type gun rack that on my side of the boat. I get on the boat, put away my Shark Shield, pulled in Matt and my float lines, then pull in the anchor as I tell Matt about the Calico. We start heading back home and all of a sudden I feel something smack me in the arm. The tip of my gun sagged into the water and the back hit me as it fell in. In my rush to get all the lines in and put stuff away I forgot to tie the bungee that kept my gun in place. Stop! I said to Matt who did so as we coasted another 20 -30 feet. We came back to the general area but it was deep and the visibility was about 10 feet. I jumped in but could not see it.

Anyway there she is… ready to kill stuff…



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