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My name is Roman Castro. I started spearfishing in 2011 and went from this…

Calico …to this… Dorado-Spearfishing-9-8-13-2

…in a few years.

I document my progress on this Spearfishing Blog for you to use as a learning tool. SpearoBlog became the website I wish existed when I was starting out. And with that spirit I started a few other resources for new and experienced spearos.

The Spear – Spearfishing Podcast – This is the latest addition to the SpearoBlog family of websites. It is a weekly audio podcast where I interview Spearos of all levels and they share their spearfishing stories, insights, and tips to help YOU on YOUR Spearfishing Journey.

Spearfishing School – It is the resource I wish I had when I was starting out. It is dedicated to answering the questions most beginners have. I help you avoid the abuse beginners get on most spearfishing forums. It is a work in progress but there are already some helpful articles waiting to help you become a competent, safe, Spearo.

Spearfishing Forum – SpearForum.com – Speaking of Forums and avoiding forum abuse. I recently launched SpearFourm.com. This is the beginner friendly, zero tolerance for disrespect, forum I wish existed when I was new. So if you are ready to help and be helped, register, and come help us shape the friendliest spearfishing forum in the world. 🙂

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