How I became a Spearo Part 4

FREEDIVING – Feeling comfortable with snorkeling my next step was to start diving. Again I took to the Internet to read and watch videos about freediving and was blown away. Aside from reading on line I bought a book called Freedive! by Terry Mass. The book offered a great introduction into freediving and the dangers associated with the sport.

BACK TO THE POOL – Again with Lan as my spot I was able to go back to the pool and experiment with freediving techniques. I was able to practice clearing (equalizing the pressure in the ears) and discovered my ability to expand and contract my eustachian tubes. This was an awesome discovery for me since it allowed me to clear without holding my nose as I dove. A few more sessions at the pool to practice my surface entry and I was ready to go…

BACK TO THE OCEAN – With my new found ability I had a blast freediving and getting a closer look at the rock formations and creatures that live in them. The feeling of weightlessness while swimming through the water feelt like I was flying. I passed the smoothness test by swimming with a small school of fish and not scatering them.

NEXT Part5: Spearfishing – A swim along

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