What is a float line?

This post is for the new guys that have shot a few fish and are getting the hang of it. Now that you will be targeting bigger fish you are going to need a float line for spearfishing

So what the heck is a float line?

It is a line made out of plastic tubing or braided plastic rope that floats. These lines have hardware at each end that allows us to attach floats, spearguns, break away spear, kelp carrots, flashlight, and even polespears.

How to use a float line?

Float lines are primarily used to allow the Spearo to shoot larger fish. Once the shot is placed, the Spearo can let go of the speargun, loosely hang on to the float line, and let the fish “run” while he makes his way to the surface. Once at the surface the Spearo can take that sweet breath of air and start pulling up the fish. In the break away setup the speargun is completely disconnected from the spear, shooting line, and float line. In this case the Spearo hangs on to his gun but the ascent is the same.

Float Line made of braided rope

These Float lines are usually made in the shorter range. I’ve seen them from 15′ to about 50′. Braided float lines are usually inexpensive and are fine if you are just getting started. When you buy the nicer tubing float line this will serve you as a great backup. I actually prefer to use my 50′ braided line connected to a float with a dive flag when I’m spearfishing Halibut and looking for Lobsters.

Float Line made of tubing

Think of it as a really thin hose that is air tight at both ends so it floats. These float lines have a cord core in case the tube breaks when you have a fat fish on your spear. I’ve seen these range from about 50′ to over 100′. When spearfishing yellowtail and dorado or any other pelagic fish these are a must.


That’s it for now

Come back Monday to learn about the different ways to use a float line.

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