Spearfishing in Maui

AWESOME EXPERIENCE – For day four of our Maui vacation we booked a spearfishing tour with Spearfish Maui. The 2 hour morning class with Jeremy covered freediving, spearguns, safety, target species identification and technique. After the morning class it was time to hit the water. Our class of six split into two groups. Jeremy lead me, my wife, and another fellow while David lead the other group of three. My wife was awesome enough to snorkel with us and video record this special day.

VIDEO – Spearfishing Maui

REFLECTION – It is dificult to explain the feeling of shooting that fish. But I’m still going to try. Durring the hunt I am totally emerced in the moment and hyper-aware of the environment. With each dive it gets easier to relax and clear. Jeremy points out a fish and I get ready to dive on it. I take my final breath, dive, and slowly close distance on the Stareye Parrotfish that will be my first fish. It was slowly swimming away from me and then turned to the right. I had him. I feel rush of excitement and joy. I break the surface and thank the ocean. I knew right there I was hooked.

PLUGS – Big thanks to Jeremy and David at Spearfish Maui

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